Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You don't want to miss out on ...

Another blog! :) Doesn't it look fun?

Yes, I'm trying my hand at photography. And it's wicked-fun. This is the blog I'm keeping for my Custom Images course, a class that focuses (no pun intended) on photography and Photoshop. It's fun to post them and even MORE fun to get feedback, so if you know anything about photography, or if you don't, you might want to check it out. It's right here.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Not to be a cheapskate ...

but really. Yesterday, I brought soup to work with me to eat for lunch but didn't have a spoon. So I went downstairs to Café Kimball and asked for one.

And they charged me eight cents.

Eight cents. For a plastic spoon.

I know the economy is rough, but I still kind of think it was a joke.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Still a "City Beautiful"

The other day, Jenny said, "When are you going to blog about Nauvoo? I've been checking for it." And you know how I feel about blog requests. (They're my FAVORITE!)

So, way back in August, Ryan and I (and his parents, and two of his sisters and their families) boarded an "upgraded" RV that Ryan's parents rented. 36 hours and one visit from Roadside Assistance later, I first laid eyes what Joseph called "The City Beautiful." He was right.

Ryan's grandparents are on a mission in Nauvoo, and it was great to see them (and to get to know them — they left before we were engaged). Ryan has a great family and we had a blast!

Sister Olaveson showed us around the Pendleton Schoolhouse.

Carthage Jail

We went to the Nauvoo Temple with Ryan's parents and Tracy and Jeremie. It was even prettier on the inside.

Elder Olaveson took us on a trail ride. I kept the sneezing to a minimum (I'm allergic to horses)

Did you really think I'd miss this?

Some fun facts I picked up on the way:
1. The Nauvoo Temple faces west. Most face east.
2. The whole area was a swamp when the Saints came. They built a giant ditch to drain it.
3. The early saints used animal lard to make candles (who THINKS of that?)
4. Lucy Mack Smith was really, really short and petite.
5. Joseph Smith, Sr., was a barrelmaker by trade