Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tuesdays just got better

I've never had a good relationship with Tuesdays. I think it started in high school when I had piano lessons Tuesday mornings at 6:15 a.m. — yes, you read that right. 6:15 IN THE MORNING. It was especially disgusting in January.

Have you ever noticed what a "nothing" day Tuesday is? It's not Monday, so it doesn't have the whole "fresh start" thing going for it. It's not the middle marker like Wednesday, it doesn't have good TV and it's not the weekend. It's just a nothing day.

But yesterday, well, it was a really, really good day.

I had an interview with my bishop, and I got my recommend. So now I can go here:

with him

in 24 days.

Maybe Tuesdays aren't so bad after all.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Have you seen this?

I fell in love with Jon Schmidt when I was in high school. I can still put my fingers on auto-pilot and play a recognizable (though by no means beautiful) Waterfall. But now, the whole world is getting a taste of this delicious red-headed composer — this video has had almost 900,000 views in the month since Jon posted it.

Taylor Swift never sounded better.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Treat Your Mother Right

Happy Mother's Day! Have you noticed that Mother's Day is one of the few holidays that really gets the celebration it was intended to get? It's in good company — Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year's, Independence Day and (perhaps) Halloween are about the only other ones I can think of that really get the celebrations they warrant. And I'm not so sure about that last one, because last Halloween I was one of TWO people that dressed up in my office. And there was no candy involved.

But I digress. Mother's Day is perhaps one of the most well-founded holidays we have. I know my mom deserves a holiday all on her own. I guess it's all right that she shares with all the other moms in the world, and I know it's really not feasible to give all the stellar moms in the world their own day. But if I could, I'd make Lylene Day the next national holiday.

This year, Mother's Day fell on May 10 — I feel a top 10 list coming on.

1. She has the six best kids and 18 best grandkids around
2. She works harder than anyone else I know
3. She would do anything for anyone — she's the most service-oriented person I've ever seen. It's become a joke in our house that you have to make sure that soup isn't for the Sick and the Afflicted before you can eat any.
4. She can cook, sew, play the piano, hook up TVs, braid hair, paint fingernails and get grass stains out of baseball pants like no one's business.
5. She's a great teacher.
6. She's a people person, and that makes her so fun. There's always something to talk about and something going on.
7. She can shoot a gun like Annie Oakley. I've never actually seen it, but I've heard about it. Even the mental picture makes me proud.
8. She can keep a mean baseball score book. I've actually never seen anyone better.
9. She keeps the cleanest house I've ever seen. I use to think that was normal, but as I've gotten older, I've realized she really is one of the most tidy people I know. I think it's related to #2.
10. She's the happiest, cutest, sweetest, funniest, hardest-working lady ever.


[ P.S. As much as I wish my words were enough, I still think Mr. T says it best: Mr T. Treat Your Mother Right]

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

A conversation between Ryan and his sister Camille (who's from Las Vegas) on the phone yesterday:

Ryan: You're flying home after the wedding? I thought you were driving.
Camille: Yeah, we were. Change of plans.
Ryan: So, you're flying out of Idaho Falls?
Camille: Yep. On the 15th (laughs). There are only two flights that week, and the other's not till Friday.
Ryan: So, you're ...
Camille: Flying with you and Bre to your Honeymoon? Yep.

Nothing like bonding with my new sister-in-law right out of the gate, yeah?