Friday, December 18, 2009

Why do we even HAVE that button?

If you've been on BYU-Idaho campus lately, you've probably heard (or noticed) that something's different about

Personally, I really like the change and am excited to use it (in my last semester ... weird ...). But there's one button that made me laugh out loud. Seriously — when I saw it I got a bad case of the giggles.

If that's hard to see, I'll make it easier for you.

Ryan: "Avoid that button when you're having a hard day. 'School sucks!' (click). 'What did I just do?!'"

I guess BYU-Idaho's making it really easy to put yourself out of your misery during finals week. Merciful, I suppose, but still.

Don't tempt me.

(Also - if you can tell me what movie that title is from, you get 10 points.)

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Happy six-monthiversary to US!

We've been a family for six months today, and we're so excited! We're generally finishers, but in the half of a year we've been married we've done a lot of things halfway. We have:

1. Finished half of school year
2. Driven halfway across the U.S.

3. Read half of the Book of Mormon
4. Been married longer than half the people in our ward
5. Endured half of a Rexburg winter
6. Bought each other half as many Christmas gifts as we got last year
7. Bought everything marked half price at Broulim's
8. Gone to half the temples in Idaho
9. Learned to get by on half the closet space we used to have
10. Made half as many phone calls as we did while we were dating
11. Gotten Bre halfway up on waterskis (SO close ... next summer ...)
12. Worked two part-time (half-time?) jobs
13. Ruined half of our laundry (the darks, to be exact) with an exploding pen (thanks for your help in recovering them, Mom!)
14. Scored half as many points as my dad in Scattergories
15. Changed our class schedules half a dozen times so we could eat lunch together on some days
16. Forgotten to pack lunches on the half of those days
17. Had the best half-of-a-year ever.

We love life. We love each other. And we love being married.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Heading South

It looks like Andy Bernard knows what he's talking about. I got the internship. :)

This summer, I'll write for the news section of this magazine (it might look familiar):

And some of my stuff will also go on these glossy pages (look carefully — they're different):

And if I understand correctly, I'll write a little bit for

Can you say "Dream job"?
Ryan's transferring to BYU and I'm graduating in April (yipee!) so we were headed South anyway. Also, if any of you know Ryan Kunz, I'll be doing the same internship he's doing right now. We'll move to Utah next April and live the BYU dream (even if I will be working mere inches from the U for the first few months) for the next three or four years until Ryan finishes his degrees.

Good thing we love Utah.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Interviewing 101

I had an interview for an internship last Friday, and I want you all to know I totally got advice from the best source possible: The Office. It taught me to ...

1. Use my brain to my advantage (when advantageous)
2. Tell myself they "saved the best for first" when I found out I was going to be the first interview of the day.
3. Make my weaknesses sound like strengths
4. Have a five-year plan
5. Wear a feminine business suit

Not that I did all that, but it was some pretty good advice.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You don't want to miss out on ...

Another blog! :) Doesn't it look fun?

Yes, I'm trying my hand at photography. And it's wicked-fun. This is the blog I'm keeping for my Custom Images course, a class that focuses (no pun intended) on photography and Photoshop. It's fun to post them and even MORE fun to get feedback, so if you know anything about photography, or if you don't, you might want to check it out. It's right here.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Not to be a cheapskate ...

but really. Yesterday, I brought soup to work with me to eat for lunch but didn't have a spoon. So I went downstairs to Café Kimball and asked for one.

And they charged me eight cents.

Eight cents. For a plastic spoon.

I know the economy is rough, but I still kind of think it was a joke.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Still a "City Beautiful"

The other day, Jenny said, "When are you going to blog about Nauvoo? I've been checking for it." And you know how I feel about blog requests. (They're my FAVORITE!)

So, way back in August, Ryan and I (and his parents, and two of his sisters and their families) boarded an "upgraded" RV that Ryan's parents rented. 36 hours and one visit from Roadside Assistance later, I first laid eyes what Joseph called "The City Beautiful." He was right.

Ryan's grandparents are on a mission in Nauvoo, and it was great to see them (and to get to know them — they left before we were engaged). Ryan has a great family and we had a blast!

Sister Olaveson showed us around the Pendleton Schoolhouse.

Carthage Jail

We went to the Nauvoo Temple with Ryan's parents and Tracy and Jeremie. It was even prettier on the inside.

Elder Olaveson took us on a trail ride. I kept the sneezing to a minimum (I'm allergic to horses)

Did you really think I'd miss this?

Some fun facts I picked up on the way:
1. The Nauvoo Temple faces west. Most face east.
2. The whole area was a swamp when the Saints came. They built a giant ditch to drain it.
3. The early saints used animal lard to make candles (who THINKS of that?)
4. Lucy Mack Smith was really, really short and petite.
5. Joseph Smith, Sr., was a barrelmaker by trade

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Something Blue

They say history repeats itself. If that means I'll turn out anything like my Grandma, I'd say that's a good thing.

My Grandma Scott (or just "Grandma," since she's the only one I've known) passed away last week. All of the family was there and the funeral was lovely. And it got me thinking, not so much about death, but about life, and the life well lived. It also made me think of blue dresses.

Grandma wore a blue dress to her high school graduation in 1936. Lyle Scott, who she had met at a Gold and Green Ball, gave her an engagement ring for a graduation gift and they were married three days later. She wore the same blue dress to her wedding that she wore to graduation.

Almost 30 years later, Lylene Scott went on a date with Ron Bennett. He took her to a dance at Rigby High School and she wore a blue velvet dress. Dad teased her that night by singing a popular song: "She wore blue velvet ... bluer than velvet was the night."

A generation later, I pulled on my favorite dress — you guessed it, in blue — and curled my hair for a dance at BYU-Idaho. Ryan Olaveson had asked me to go after I saw him country dancing at BYU-Idaho, and LeaDawn and Daniel said they'd tag along.

Little did I know then that it was the day I'd eat my first meal at my in-laws' house and dance for the first time with my husband. I had no idea that I would follow in Grandma's footsteps and marry the boy I met at a dance.

I guess it's history repeating. Grandma started something wonderful with that blue dress. She married a wonderful man, and as they followed in her footsteps, so did her daughter and granddaughter.

I think I'll buy my daughter a blue dress one day.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Country music and drybeds

I'm not a big fan of country music, but I am in the summer.

I think it's because of what this article on says:

"The memories and emotions that people associate with familiar songs can be traced to the medial prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain where the wiring for memories and thoughts about music appears to be linked, a new study says."

When I went to pick up my parents from the airport yesterday, my medial prefrontal cortex was going nuts.

Someone (ahem, Becky?) had left the radio on a country music station, and this time I let it stay. It always makes me feel nostalgic to get an earful of Garth Brooks or Tim McGraw when it's warm outside. I think it's because I only listened to country music when I was with my friends, and I was only with my friends much if it was summer.

Country music reminds me of Laura's Toyota Corolla and Sno Cones,
of Craigo's and rock shows. It reminds me of teaching friends to drive stick shift and going to Disneyland. Country music means it's time to float the drybed and check the Playmill schedule before it's too late. It was in the summer that I first met my future in-laws and fell in love with Idaho's sunsets. Summers are wonderful.

I think my favorite part of summer, though, was anticipating fall.

I loved going to football games and back-to-school shopping. I loved getting a new locker and going to cross country practice.

Maybe it's the future that's makes the present that much better.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Alert: New blog in the family

So, I have this predicament.

See up there in the url of this page? It says "" But I'm Breanna OLAVESON now, so I kind of have a problem on my hands.

Solution: this blog. I know you all love my *sparse* commentaries on life's oddities, but you've gotta have that super-cute journal-type family blog, you know? So, at least for now, I'm keeping both blogs.

But to make the transition a little smoother, I'll put a little teaser of our new blog's first post here. If you want to keep reading, come on over! Add it to your reader, your blog list — whatever you've gotta do. We'd love to see you!

So, without further ado:


This month, we:
1. Got married! (pictures still pending. See this post for links to awesome pictures)
2. Honeymooned in Vegas

3. Hung out with some cool characters while we were there,

4. Made a blue friend,

(three, actually)

5. And ... click here

Friday, June 26, 2009


I need your help! Since my life took a fantastic turn a couple weeks ago, I've had to learn ALL SORTS of things I never needed to know before. For example:

1. Striking a balance between girly and boring. When I was single, my room was girl EVERYTHING and that was completely acceptable. But Ryan wasn't thrilled about sleeping under a flower-print comforter, and I wasn't crazy about making him. It took a while, but we finally decided on with this bedding from Target which I think we both like.

2. Cooking for two. I can cook for one, and I can cook for six, but two is just hard. I'm sure Ryan's getting tired of my "Are you still hungry? Are you getting too full? Is this too much? Did I not make enough?" but he's patient. And he's only gotten up and cook himself another quesadilla once.

3. Cooking IN GENERAL. This is where you come in. I can find my way around free font Web sites and online magazines, but when it comes to finding good cooking blogs/Web sites, I'm hopeless.

What are your suggestions? What are your favorite food blogs? I need to know!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Have you missed me?

I know I haven't blogged in what seems like weeks, and that's probably because it's been a few weeks, but I have an excuse.

No internet.

Did you know apartments even CAME without internet these days? Apparently when you're married they expect you to pay for every little thing. But you know what? It's wonderful. We bought couches the other day. (And they're ADORABLE. But not here yet. Don't worry, I'll post pictures when they get here.)

I know that to be a good little newlywed blogger I need to get on the ball and post a million pictures of our adorable wedding, but luckily I have a wonderful family (old and new ... and both!) that already threw some out into cyberspace. Check them out here (sorry, it's a private blog) and here (at my wicked-talented sister-in-law's blog) and here (see post "My Cousins Got Married." McKenzie is hilarious).

Someday, when we earn enough money for Internet, I'll post pictures and everything. For now, my random ramblings will have to suffice.


Friday, June 5, 2009

When you marry in June ...

Did you really think I'd let the opportunity pass?

I watched this movie over and over (and over and over) when I was younger. My family can attest. My nine-year-old heart went pitter-patter for some of those brothers, and I think I decided I'd get married in June sometime between the barn-raising and spring, spring, spring.

Don't they look so happy to be getting married in June? It's perfect. I don't plan on dancing around my room in my underwear next Saturday, but I may have to consider it. They do appear to be enjoying themselves.

P.S. I'm sorry that the dialogue is in Spanish. I thought it was really annoying until I heard the random "Dorcus!" and it cracked me up. But at least the song is in the original English.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tuesdays just got better

I've never had a good relationship with Tuesdays. I think it started in high school when I had piano lessons Tuesday mornings at 6:15 a.m. — yes, you read that right. 6:15 IN THE MORNING. It was especially disgusting in January.

Have you ever noticed what a "nothing" day Tuesday is? It's not Monday, so it doesn't have the whole "fresh start" thing going for it. It's not the middle marker like Wednesday, it doesn't have good TV and it's not the weekend. It's just a nothing day.

But yesterday, well, it was a really, really good day.

I had an interview with my bishop, and I got my recommend. So now I can go here:

with him

in 24 days.

Maybe Tuesdays aren't so bad after all.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Have you seen this?

I fell in love with Jon Schmidt when I was in high school. I can still put my fingers on auto-pilot and play a recognizable (though by no means beautiful) Waterfall. But now, the whole world is getting a taste of this delicious red-headed composer — this video has had almost 900,000 views in the month since Jon posted it.

Taylor Swift never sounded better.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Treat Your Mother Right

Happy Mother's Day! Have you noticed that Mother's Day is one of the few holidays that really gets the celebration it was intended to get? It's in good company — Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year's, Independence Day and (perhaps) Halloween are about the only other ones I can think of that really get the celebrations they warrant. And I'm not so sure about that last one, because last Halloween I was one of TWO people that dressed up in my office. And there was no candy involved.

But I digress. Mother's Day is perhaps one of the most well-founded holidays we have. I know my mom deserves a holiday all on her own. I guess it's all right that she shares with all the other moms in the world, and I know it's really not feasible to give all the stellar moms in the world their own day. But if I could, I'd make Lylene Day the next national holiday.

This year, Mother's Day fell on May 10 — I feel a top 10 list coming on.

1. She has the six best kids and 18 best grandkids around
2. She works harder than anyone else I know
3. She would do anything for anyone — she's the most service-oriented person I've ever seen. It's become a joke in our house that you have to make sure that soup isn't for the Sick and the Afflicted before you can eat any.
4. She can cook, sew, play the piano, hook up TVs, braid hair, paint fingernails and get grass stains out of baseball pants like no one's business.
5. She's a great teacher.
6. She's a people person, and that makes her so fun. There's always something to talk about and something going on.
7. She can shoot a gun like Annie Oakley. I've never actually seen it, but I've heard about it. Even the mental picture makes me proud.
8. She can keep a mean baseball score book. I've actually never seen anyone better.
9. She keeps the cleanest house I've ever seen. I use to think that was normal, but as I've gotten older, I've realized she really is one of the most tidy people I know. I think it's related to #2.
10. She's the happiest, cutest, sweetest, funniest, hardest-working lady ever.


[ P.S. As much as I wish my words were enough, I still think Mr. T says it best: Mr T. Treat Your Mother Right]

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

A conversation between Ryan and his sister Camille (who's from Las Vegas) on the phone yesterday:

Ryan: You're flying home after the wedding? I thought you were driving.
Camille: Yeah, we were. Change of plans.
Ryan: So, you're flying out of Idaho Falls?
Camille: Yep. On the 15th (laughs). There are only two flights that week, and the other's not till Friday.
Ryan: So, you're ...
Camille: Flying with you and Bre to your Honeymoon? Yep.

Nothing like bonding with my new sister-in-law right out of the gate, yeah?

Thursday, April 30, 2009

How time flies

So, remember how I completely adore Bri? And how it's my dream to be able to write like her one day? Well, I saw this on her blog and thought it looked so fun that I couldn't resist:

Twenty years ago I...
1. Got my first sister-in-law
2. Was still bald and chubby
3. Was a living, breathing doll for my sister

Ten years ago I...
1. Moved to Rexburg
2. Had my first piece of writing published (thanks, Scroll!)
3. Had seen every episode of Saved by the Bell at least a dozen times and persisited in the habit. It may have been unhealthy.

Five years ago I...
1. Was Sophomore Class President
2. Got braces (long after all my friends had gotten them off, mind you)
3. Got myself a State Championship Ring in softball

Three years ago I...
1. Met LeaDawn (yay for taking chances on roommates and getting SO lucky!)
2. Went to Disneyland for the FIFTH time (I know, I'm the luckiest girl alive, right?)
3. Discovered The Office (life has never been the same ... in a good way)

One year ago I...
1. Met a nice boy named Ryan when a friend invited me to go country dancing
2. Climbed Mount Borah (that's the tallest in Idaho. Yeah, you should be impressed)

3. Was in love with David Cook and sincerely believed David Archuleta would baptize him so I could be the next Mrs. Cook (OK, maybe it wasn't a SINCERE belief ...)

So far this year I have ...
1. Produced two magazines (look for Academic Guide, still on stands at BYU-I! It's my favorite of the two)
2. Made a happy agreement with the above-mentioned adorable country dancer

3. Been to New York City (thanks, Mom and Dad)

Yesterday I ...
1. Finished designing wedding invitations
2. Ate dinner with the future in-laws (thanks Bonnie!)
3. Put gas in the Beetle

Today I ...
1. Proposed a messaging rubric in a meeting (yes, it's every bit as exciting as it sounds)
2. Ate for free at Johnny Carino's (thanks again, Bonnie!)
3. Bought a book I've been dying to read. You should read it. And read the others in the series. I promise you won't regret it.

Tomorrow I will ...
1. Go to Natalie's wedding reception (yay for Natalie! And yay for weddings!)
2. Fold patterns for Cotton Way
3. Take a long lunch with a girlfriend. So fun.

In the next year I will ...

1. Get married (I. Can't. Wait.)
2. Graduate from college (thank you, thank you)
3. Live an entire year in the same apartment with the same roommate. *sigh of relief*

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dodged a bullet

Hey, did you hear about this crazy flu thing going on in Mexico City?

There's an article on it at this site. From what I gather, there's a new strain of flu called swine flu that's making a lot of people sick in Mexico City, and the WHO (World Health Organization) thinks it may be spreading further than that. There are a few other suspected cases of it in Texas and California. But it's biggest now in Mexico City, where over 1,000 people supposedly have it, and no one anywhere has a vaccine at this point. 

I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news or anything, but I'm feeling particularly blessed at this point. A month ago, I was scheduled to fly into Mexico City this morning. An unexpected turn of events and a wedding to plan kept me in Idaho, and now the tour I was going on is "postponed." I'm glad I got someone to replace me and got my money back when I did — it's shaping up to be a big mess.

So, instead of getting too upset, I'm feeling lucky. I'm a little more thankful to be healthy, to live in a clean, small city, and to be with the people I love. 

You're in my prayers, Mexico City.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

If love at first sight is real ...

Then Ryan should have fallen for me a long time ago. I have proof. See?

Can't tell what's going on? Allow me to expound:

When Ryan and I figured out that we were running Cross Country at the same time, I got out my old pictures CD to see if we'd ever crossed (no pun intended) paths. And this is what I found. I guess I'm not surprised he never asked for my number after a race ... but seriously, what are Ryan and his friends doing? Don't teenage boys know what kind of damage they can do to a girl's self-esteem by lining up like that to see her sweat? Sadistic, I tell you.

Maybe it's good we never really met in high school.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dreams Deferred

Two summers ago, I sat in Brother Mark Bennion's "Fundamentals of Literature Interpretation" class and read what Langston Hughes had to say about dreams deferred.

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up
like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore —

And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over —
like a syrupy sweet?
Maybe it just sags
Like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?

Of course I thought it was beautiful. How tragic, I thought, to defer a dream!

I don't want to be irreverent, especially toward one of my favorite poems, but I think Mr. Hughes might have been a little over the top with the whole explosion thing. I'm starting to think that, maybe, it's best if all our dreams don't come true.

When I was a little girl, I had it all figured out. I was positive that I was destined to do one of three things with my life. I either wanted to be a a checker—

a waver —

or, what I thought EVERYONE wanted to be:

A writer.

When Ryan and I registered at Target last weekend, I got to use the little scanner and feel the thrill of the beep. It wasn't as exhilarating as I thought it would be. And as good as I am at keeping a beat, conducting the music definitely isn't my favorite Church calling. But I couldn't live — I might, I daresay, explode? — without my daily dose of well-constructed sentences.

If I were to give a high school graduation speech this spring, I wouldn't tell anyone to chase all their dreams. I'd tell those 18-year-olds to dream, and to dream big. And I'd tell them to choose carefully which of those dreams they'd defer.

So they don't explode.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I turned 21 a week ago Saturday. Horray!

I remember when LeaDawn and I moved into our first apartment at Heritage Manor across the street from Hogi Yogi. We said — I'm not joking — "I hope we don't get any old, 21-year-old roommates who aren't any fun anymore." Now I'm 21, Leo's 21-and-a-half, she has a husband and I have a very, very cute fiance.

Definitely old and boring, yeah?

Who knew making donuts could be so fun? We made 21 of them, to be exact.And since I've been the big 2-1 for over a week now, I've pretty much got it down. There are a few definite perks to being so old:

1. My driver's license is now horizontal. I went to renew it and finally had that dreadful "under 21" removed from around my face. The lady at the DMV said, "Congratulations, you have a big girl license now!"

2. Ryan has three engaged roommates, and of the four of the fiances, I'm the SECOND-OLDEST. Not just another statistic, my friend ... I've got one of them by THREE YEARS. Totally brag-worthy.

3. Honeymoon in Vegas, anyone?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Hello, everyone.

I'm scarce these days. but I have some SERIOUSLY good news. Seriously.

I'm finished with my homework for tomorrow. And it's only 10:20 p.m. Guitar Hero, anyone?

Friday, March 20, 2009

That's what he said

Hey everyone, it's Ryan.

I think it's about time I share the story of how I became the luckiest guy around. Bre doesn't know I'm writing this, by the way. She's in NYC. I miss that girl.

So, the engagement ring came into my possession (from a jeweler in Utah) on Thursday, February 26th. I knew it would burn a hole in my pocket, so I made plans to give it to Bre pronto. I wanted it to be a surprise, so I did all the things that would make our Friday night date seem like just any other Friday night; I bought her flowers, wore the shirt she likes me in best (it's brown), just happen to have made a CD of all our favorite songs and took her to Bajio, her favorite place to eat in Rexburg. No, nothing special. Nothing at all. I think she caught on pretty quick. That, and I'm sure she could tell that I was more nervous than I was on our first date.

For example, enjoy a couple of classic "Ryan Moments": Mishap # 1. I usually go to the ATM before a date, just in case my card doesn't work for some odd reason. I forgotten to go today. But I'll be ok, right? When I tried to pay, I was denied. I later found out that apparently, when you get a new card in the mail you have to call the bank and have them validate it... I'd somehow missed that little tidbit. So, I scraped every penny out of my wallet and still came up a dollar short. I had to ask Bre to ask her friends mom, who just happened at Bajio, if I could borrow a dollar. Mishap # 2. Bajio recently changed from using the tin pie pans to using actual plates. On our way out of the restaurant, that fact somehow slipped my mind and I threw the dishes in the garbage; the fun part was digging through to get them out. I was on a roll.

So, dinner is over. The exciting time has come. I'd hoped to go to for a walk in the hollow (a place where we would walk sometimes and it was just us), but it was covered in snow. So, I decided on a different special spot. We took a drive through the dry farms, like we often do. I had it all planned out. There was a spot up there where Bre and I had gone a couple of times during the summer - a little patch of grass with a swing set, where we could sit and talk and overlook Rexburg. It'd be the perfect place to pop the question. It, too, also buried in snow. So, casually, I flipped a u-turn and headed back into town... Bre was on to me by then.
A few minutes later, we pulled into the Rexburg Temple parking lot. We talked for a minute while looking up at the lights. I asked Bre if we could go for a walk around it. We walked and talked, and when the time felt right, I slipped the box into Bre's hand. Her eyes got big. I dropped to one knee, told her how much I loved her, and asked her to be mine.

The rest is history.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Did you hear?

I'm getting married!

Blame it on my full credit load, the magazine or even Ryan himself, but I haven't devoted nearly the time to my blog it deserves (oops! Sorry, blog ...). But since I got my SECOND-EVER blog request from Natasha (thanks Nat!), I'm again happy to oblige.

Of course, my favorite part is that it came from that cute boy in the picture and that it ended with this:

but I have a feeling that may not appease you. So, for your blog-reading pleasure, I've invited a GUEST BLOGGER to tell you all about how he did it. Take it away, Ry:

See next post - Duke is playing. But I sure am happy!

:) That's my Ryan. He's a keeper. I guess you'll hear that story later. But I'm a little less interested in the game, so while I pretend to pay attention for his sake, I guess I'll answer the other questions people usually ask:

June 13, 2009
Rexburg Idaho Temple (the reception is in Rexburg, too)
Brown and light blue (yes, that's North Carolina blue ... I call it "baby blue" for Ryan's sake)

Ryan= the best ever
Me= very very happy!

Monday, February 16, 2009

By popular demand

And, by "popular demand," I mean "The demand of my sister."

To all you Facebookers out there, I apologize. You've probably already seen this. But my AWESOME sister Jenny isn't part of that world, and she said she loves "25s" and requested that I put it up there.

Since I've never had a post request before, I'm totally honored. And obliged.

25 Random Things About Me:

1. I'm the youngest of six kids
2. I really like going to the gym
3. I have 18 nieces and nephews. That's more than pretty much everyone I've met at college.
4. I've worked for the Scroll since I started college and was editor-in-chief when I was 19. Sometimes people think I'm a super-senior because I'm still around, but I'm really a junior.
5. I look a lot like my mom and act a lot like my dad
6. My eyes have no real color — they're, like, blueish-greenish-grayish with yellow in them. I wanted to get colored contacts when I was younger but my brother Kendall told me he thinks my eyes are pretty and I've never wanted to change them since.
7. I've played the piano since I was six
8. I'm a total Daddy's girl
9. My sister is my best friend, and we're 10 years apart.
10. Ryan (my boyfriend) and I share cousins, but we're not related. We're on opposite sides of our cousins' family ... get it?
11. I have a REALLY high forehead, but I'm not balding. I was born that way.
12. I use to have really dark hair, but my dad said I looked "kind of gloomy," and he offered to pay to have it lightened up. He said he needed to "keep me marketable." Good thing I know he loves me. :)
13. I have the AP Stylebook pretty much memorized
14. I'm a closet bubble-gum pop music fan sometimes. My iPod has a bad habit of coming out with a Jonas Brothers or Taylor Swift or, sometimes, Miley Cyrus song. Don't judge me.
15. Sometimes I write stories in my head while I walk to class. And headlines.
16. I obsessively clean my ears. It's not unusual for me to do it at least once a day. And yes, I know that's not necessarily healthy.
17. I could eat string cheese and drink Viva chocolate milk with every meal and not get sick of it for at least, I daresay, a year
18. I really like reading. And it's a good thing, because I'm reading about a novel a week for one of my classes.
19. I've been to Hawaii twice
20. I choked on a penny when I was a year old. My mom slapped me on the back and it came flying out. Apparently you're not suppose to do that because it can lodge it deeper, but it didn't that time. I'm glad.
21. I played the violin in orchestra all through high school and, looking back, it's one of my favorite memories.
22. My favorite roommate just got married and I miss her sometimes
23. I've never seen Mary Poppins
24. I'm going on the MesoAmerica Tour for study abroad this summer.
25. Brown is my favorite color.