Friday, December 18, 2009

Why do we even HAVE that button?

If you've been on BYU-Idaho campus lately, you've probably heard (or noticed) that something's different about

Personally, I really like the change and am excited to use it (in my last semester ... weird ...). But there's one button that made me laugh out loud. Seriously — when I saw it I got a bad case of the giggles.

If that's hard to see, I'll make it easier for you.

Ryan: "Avoid that button when you're having a hard day. 'School sucks!' (click). 'What did I just do?!'"

I guess BYU-Idaho's making it really easy to put yourself out of your misery during finals week. Merciful, I suppose, but still.

Don't tempt me.

(Also - if you can tell me what movie that title is from, you get 10 points.)

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Happy six-monthiversary to US!

We've been a family for six months today, and we're so excited! We're generally finishers, but in the half of a year we've been married we've done a lot of things halfway. We have:

1. Finished half of school year
2. Driven halfway across the U.S.

3. Read half of the Book of Mormon
4. Been married longer than half the people in our ward
5. Endured half of a Rexburg winter
6. Bought each other half as many Christmas gifts as we got last year
7. Bought everything marked half price at Broulim's
8. Gone to half the temples in Idaho
9. Learned to get by on half the closet space we used to have
10. Made half as many phone calls as we did while we were dating
11. Gotten Bre halfway up on waterskis (SO close ... next summer ...)
12. Worked two part-time (half-time?) jobs
13. Ruined half of our laundry (the darks, to be exact) with an exploding pen (thanks for your help in recovering them, Mom!)
14. Scored half as many points as my dad in Scattergories
15. Changed our class schedules half a dozen times so we could eat lunch together on some days
16. Forgotten to pack lunches on the half of those days
17. Had the best half-of-a-year ever.

We love life. We love each other. And we love being married.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Heading South

It looks like Andy Bernard knows what he's talking about. I got the internship. :)

This summer, I'll write for the news section of this magazine (it might look familiar):

And some of my stuff will also go on these glossy pages (look carefully — they're different):

And if I understand correctly, I'll write a little bit for

Can you say "Dream job"?
Ryan's transferring to BYU and I'm graduating in April (yipee!) so we were headed South anyway. Also, if any of you know Ryan Kunz, I'll be doing the same internship he's doing right now. We'll move to Utah next April and live the BYU dream (even if I will be working mere inches from the U for the first few months) for the next three or four years until Ryan finishes his degrees.

Good thing we love Utah.